June 18 1960 - June 18 2010

Marv and Elaine Wunderlich

50th Anniversary Party

There was: . . .Time to gather and visit; . . . Time to eat;
                  . . . Time to be entertained;  . . .Time to chat
We celebrated out 50th anniversary on June 18th. Our daughters and their families gave us the best gift possible - a celebration without any of the work!
Brett - son-in-law; Jenelle - granddaughter; Kristin - daughter enjoying the lunch they brought. Afterwards Ruth, Brett, Jenelle and Dustan went off in our car and later we were delivered to the "party restaurant" in the green Prius.
First guests arrive - Bob and Bev McGaughy

Elaine gets a welcome from daughter Ruth

Marv, Ione (sister-in-law), Claire (sister)

Anita and Ken Kulman

Larry and Mary Weiler

Jim and Jo Paoletti

Bill and Gayle Withun

Meanwhile Ethan Uslan entertained us on the piano. The kids imported him from North Carolina - a great ragtime, jazz pianist with a great sense of humor.

 Owen and Carolyn Compton

Karen O'Steen, Winifred Roberts, Jim Todhunter

Kris and Andy

Sarah Andrews and Eric Nelson

Alison and Jenelle

Conductor discussion - Frank Erk and Bob Shafer

Brian Sutton and Martha Newman

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We had no idea what they had planned, but did know that Ruth, Brett, Jenelle, and Dustan were all coming from Austin, TX. They began by arriving with lunch in Alison's lime green Prius.
They found this amazing Italian Restaurant downtown Silver Spring that we didn't know existed - Vincino's Restaurante Italiano. They filled the downstairs room with over fifty of our good friends from a wide variety of places many of whom we had not seen in some time. Brett's mom flew in from Texas and Fred and Becky (nephew) drove down from New Jersey. They even hired a bus to bring friends from Riderwood!

 Bob and Sharon Shafer

 Claire and Ruth

Liz d'Entremont

Brett's mom, Sally (on right) and her DC friend Cecilia

Ruth and Ches Looney (Andy's parents)

 and Bev knew most of the words to the songs!

Marv, nephews Gary & Fred, Claire, Ione

Fred, Becky and brother Gary

David Weisbrod and Trudy Downs

 David Robinson

Jim Todhunter and Ruth Erk

Jenelle, Marv, Jo and Lois Todhunter

Jerry Miller brother-in-law (photographer for most pictures)