ALASKA - July 2008

For two weeks in the summer of 2008, all our luggage was identified with the yellow tag below. David Frey and his daughter Lily Walton, pictured below, guided us through the fabulous state of Alaska. The tour ended in Fairbanks, AK. where they live. The url on the tag ( describes the published itinerary of the tour, the table below provide links to the  pictures we took on the tour, and the subsequent pictures show the 30 wonderful people that accompanied us. 

Table of Contents

Week One -- Sunday, July 13-19.

Week Two -- Sunday, July 20 - Monday, July 28

Day Zero, Amtrak and Seattle Sendoff.

Day Eight: Anchorage

Day One:  Wrangell, Alaska. 

Day Nine, Ten, :Seward: 

Day Two: Anan Bear Sanctuary

Day Eleven: Return to Anchorage

Day Three: Juneau--Mendenhall Glacier

Friday, July 25. Denali Bus Tour.

Day Four: Tracy Arm Fjord 

Saturday, July 26; Fairbanks

Days 5, 6, and 7:  Sitka

Sunday, July 27; Last Tour Day

David Frey and his daughter Lily Walton, our guides on the tour.


Our wonderful Traveling Companions

Jan Scolfield, Crystal, MN

Sara and Ray Anderson, Arlington, VA

Gene Perrin and Linda Darga, Detroit, MI

Sharon Hale & Dawn Student, Davis, CA

David Collins, Portage, MI

Pam Nunn, Akron OH

Jim and Trudi Olivetti, Arlington, VA

Dick and Sue Walton, Ashville NC

Elaine and Marv Wunderlich, Silver Sprng, MD

Jim Henkelman-Bahn, Jackie Bahn-Henkelman,
Silver Spring, MD.

Mildred Broome, Green Valley, AZ

John and Frances Kennedy, Easton, PA

Ric and Anne Blacksten, Arlington, VA

Ann Thompson, Okemos, MI

Carol Hooper, Rochester, NY

Linda and Richard Hardin, Arlington, VA

Tom King and Jean MacKeen, Tombstone, AZ

Carol and John Walton, Fairview Park, OH

The succeeding pages will eventually contain a pictorial travelogue of our two week adventure. As we expand the site, we will keep you posted by email. Meanwhile, please notify me at if there are any mistakes you would like me to correct. It was fantastic traveling with all of you and I hope these pictures will help us never to forget each other.  

       Marv & Elaine