Alto II Auction Champagne Party
Judd Kessler, husband of Alto II Carol Ferris, won this gigantic bottle of Champagne at the TWC Auction. Carol and Judd decided to have an Alto II party at their house and invited all the altos and their guests. These are the pictures I took at the event. 

Anybody wanna drink?

All the waiting guests, with their flutes in hand. The party was advertised as a BYOF party.

Lotsa Champagne spilled in the first few flutes.

I think we were drinking, not praying. A solemn occasion

And a second glass. 

We all thanked Judd and Carol, as well as Diane and the rest of the staff of the chorus for this truly wonderful event. I don't think anyone went home compromised. It was estimated that that large bottle was equivalent to 12 normal bottles.
The big bottle was on ice all day. How could she have closed that cooler?
The first problem was uncorking the bottle. Seems the cork was rather dry and it eventually took several corkscrews, and two Swiss army knives to get the thing out. No PoP. Sorry

Finally, the pouring began.

Line up, everyone! 

Finally, with food galore, we drank to our hearts delight.
Steve, Barbara Harrison's son , poured a glass for Liz.

One of many toasts.

I calculated that each bottle would provide six flutes of liquid. That means that we consumed 72 flutes of the bubbley stuff.