Our Very Own "Cherry" Blossom Festival


This is Shadetree Lane, the first street we enter after leaving our street, crossing Muirkirk Road, walking through a muddy schoolyard, and entering the Montpelier housing division. And this time of the year, the cherry blossoms are so brilliant all over the Washington area. The blossoms in Laurel bloom at about the same time but are Bradford pear trees according to a resident of Shadetree Lane. I decided to take our digital camera and photograph the beautiful interplay of blue sky, white blossoms and brown wood that is presented every time we look upwards.

After leaving the school access path, we walked down
Shadetree Lane.
The other flowers in bloom this time of year are daffodils.
Many pictures will be of the "Where's Waldo" variety, except Waldo will be Elaine in her bright red sweatshirt.
At the bottom of Shadetree, a spur dead ends in a puddle with a couple of visitors.
From there, a woods divides the housing we left from apartments facing Muirkirk.
These woods extend all the way from Shadetree to the driveway to the Montpelier Mansion. So much quieter than Muirkirk.
This picturesque house sits on the property of the Montpelier Mansion. It always has neat art displays and hosts some very nice musical events. We walk here often.
The Montpelier Mansion grounds.
Elaine is actually taking the "long cut".
Betcha can't see Elaine on this one! She's there, really.
This is Montpelier Road, busy road with lotsa cherry trees.
On Silverbirch, a forsythia bush that is in yellow at this time.
Silverbirch takes us to Mt. Pleasant Drive, and high wires means we are nearly home.
This dark path leads to the school with the muddy yard we still have to navigate.
Our street, Tuscany Drive.
The red Corolla sits right in front of our townhouse.
Elaine, a little ways back.
Our property does not have a cherry tree, but Ron and Kay next door have a very pretty, very small blossoming tree. This is Elaine finally back from our nice neighborhood trek. It takes about an hour, and we have about four other varieties of walks in other parts of our neighborhood.
This was taken a few weeks later when our flowering crabapple tree was in blossom.
We would appreciate your comments.
Those of you eating here on Easter Sunday, this is what you missed by not being here earlier.