Right in the middle of our packing and moving routine, Elaine and I decided we needed a break -- both from the chilly weather in the D.C. area and from the tedious routine. It turned out to be the nicest weather had all spring, but not as nice as in Florida.

These pictures will be chronological. We stopped on the way to see Helen and Fred, but took no pictures. Sorry, guys!

Our first venture out in Venice was a noon-time shop. The little guy was not for sale but was very interesting.
After lunch, we saw a great play on the island of Sarasota called "I'm not Rappaport", a very funny comedy which clearly was written for Broadway. 
Morning of March 26. Sandhill cranes everywhere. We are now taking a walk near Shirley and Roger's new house.

Shirley and Elaine. Didn't see any alligators!

Walking into their house. .  

After shopping, we had lunch the deck at a house belonging to the mother of the husband of Shirley's granddaughter-in-law. It's only a summer home, but what a home it is.  The pool is nice; the lake is natural with alligators.

Sorry we disturbed you.

This is their sunny study. That's actually a stone carved crane outside, not a real one.

A few hours later, we gathered together our things and went out to see the Venice beach.

Here is some documentation showing you what

This jetty extends way into the Gulf of Mexico, providing

. .stately pelicans studying the water carefully looking for lunch.

We saw a disturbing fire a bit later. It seemed to have started 

Next we decided to walk on the beach,
This was the hotel in which Shirley and Roger stayed for five weeks last year which convinced them to buy a place.
After the beach, we went back to the Bascom's home. There are many trees with ripe grapefruit on it. The ones with a white
this is and why it is here.

beautiful space for fishermen, pretty girls, and . . .

Click HERE for a panoramic jetty view, and them click back.
at the left picture where those red buildings were.
The weather was grand --  much better than Maryland.
Two gals each getting two feet wet.
End of beach -- in the direction of our car. Nice walk!
 sheet (see arrow above)  signifies that the grapefruit can be picked. We came home with bags and bags of grapefruit.

Next morning, just before leaving.

This crane was posing for many minutes

on the Bascom's neighbor's roof.
A parting picture of Roger and Shirley. They will next see us in Laurel, or Silver Spring depending on how you figure it, on May 22 and 23, at our new Riderwood apartment. Our Washington Chorus concert at the Kennedy Center is Sunday, and they will be leaving Monday for their Wisconsin summer home. We had a wonderful visit with them and will probably visit their beautiful paradise Florida home many times in the future when the dreary Maryland winter becomes too much for us.

After May 2, 2004, our address at Riderwood will be
3148 Gracefield Road, Apt. 425
Silver Spring, Md 20904
Phone: (301) 572 - 6865