Memorial Service for Clara Helene Wunderlich

Clara, my mother, died on Monday, Oct 23, at Oakmont Nursing home,
Greenville, South Carolina.

Recent pictures of Mom, taken August, 2000.

Here are some pictures that were taken at her Memorial Service held in Greenville on Oct 28.

The living children:

Back: Kenneth & Marvin




Front: Helen & Lin





The children and spouses:

 Kenneth, Joan; Elaine, Marvin


Fred, Helen; Lin, Victor



The grandchildren present:




Kristin, Debra, Samantha, (great-grandchild), Catherine, and Jo Marie.



Photographing the grandchildren:



Alison, Kris's friend.


The grandchildren and spouses and friends.

Everybody -- well, Alison had to take the picture.

A living room full of people

Kris, Debra, Helen, and Jo Marie

Vic, Lin, Elaine, Ken and Joan

A screened porch full of game players

Four more pictures of kids playing games from Kris's collection.

One more picture of all the young'ns playing Chrononauts, and a last lovely picture of Samantha all dressed up in her costume -- a sunflower, I think.
The next morning, we attended services in the same church where the memorial service was held. Helen participated in the bell choir, as seen in the picture to the left. They played splendidly.

Recent pictures of Mom. 

These were taken in August, 2000, when Ken, Joan, Lin, Vic and Helen were all visiting mom at Oakmont. The three pictures to the left are self explanatory. Below, mom is holding the picture of Clara, her great grand-daughter. Baby Clara is the daughter of Alan and Kim  and Alan is the son of Ken and Joan.