Marriage Day in Washington DC - March 9, 2010

Universalist National Memorial Church

Rev. Liz Lerner Maclay

The Universalist National Memorial Church (our mother church) in DC invited us to use their facilities to have a wedding party on March 9th - the first day that one could legally have a same-sex marriage in DC. Rev. Liz came out of her sabbatical leave to perform these exciting weddings.


There were "welcoming balloons."

These were taken before the large crowd arrived.

. . . and much more in the kitchen.

First dance

The sanctuary was ready

Corita and Andrea

Karen and Jenifer

with great music

Cindy and Olivia

There were large crowds both upstairs and downstairs

Kris and Sherri

There was plenty of food . . .

 Ask Don  for the really good pictures!

Waiting for the next wedding

Each of the 10 ceremonies was unique

Meanwhile there was a party downstairs

 Bruce and Deb