We visited Mom Wunderlich in Oakmont in Greenville on October 16, 1999. We thought you would like to see some pictures at a time when she was exceptionally lucid.

Mom was sitting in a recliner that she now uses whenever she is awake. She doesn't use her own chair anymore. After waking her up, Elaine busied herself with exchanging her old clothes with new clean ones from Helen.
She is 96 now. Dad would be 100 now, ever since last September 25. Mom was quite awake, even remarking that the word "INCOME" was on the clothes bag.
Actually, the word on the bag was LANCOME, but a fold in the bag made INCOME the correct thing she saw. Not bad.
Elaine spent quite a lot of time going over a picture of the family. We didn't see the wall of pictures she had posted. Helen, were they put away somewhere?
After a bit, she seemed to know who was who.
She spent quite a time comparing my brown bearded face with the grey beard that I now have.

All in all, we are very glad that we were able to visit her in a moment of rare lucidity.

You may want to visit Samantha, mom's great grandchild who is 95 years younger.