For my 66th birthday, Elaine bought me two tickets to the Metropolitan Opera "Die Meistersinger", by Richard Wagner. This has always been our favorite and we had not seen it since about 25 years ago in Chicago.  We drove to New York on Wednesday, April 30, got there about 1 PM, parked our car in a lot off of Broadway ($25 per night), had some lunch, and strolled through Central Park. One of the criteria put on this gift was that I get some much needed experience with my new Nikon 5700 which Elaine bought me for Christmas, 2002.   These were my pictures on that day.

We entered the park at 65th Street at the Tavern on the Green

Elaine first studiously examined   the "You Are Here" map to find out exactly which path we will be taking. Turned out the one above was a  jogging / horseback path that goes one block beyond our hotel.

We followed a horse for part of the way.

And part of the way, I followed Elaine.

I've always  been impressed with this trellis walkway.

A closer view.

We exited the park just one block north of our hotel on 71st street. It's the tall white building and the walk to Lincoln Center took all of twenty minutes.  $71 per night!
Looking up-park, was this inviting path .... but
Nice playground with lots of parents and children playing.
The apple blossoms were just emerging in New York.
The big buildings were just to our left.
These kids loved to have their picture taken.
The curious tree that grew all around it looks like a snake.

We could have done the trip following a smelly horse.

Tomorrow, our OPERA DAY!