Our very own GRAMMY celebration, right here in Washington, DC.
We had our very own Jennifer Lopez. You are far more beautiful, Amy!
And our own jazzy piano stylist?
But, the man who did it all was BOB SHAFER holding forth on Channel 4. To the right, Robin and Alison had several presentations to make.
But, what's this? I think Bob is being presented with a genuine Black Hat.
And it is very becoming indeed.
Eventually, we all sang a great song to acclaim the success of all the effort put into the Grammy production.
A splendid cake was admired and then reluctantly eaten.
Everyone needed a picture of this.
Marv and Elaine with Bob and Gram.
A very prestigious collection of persons.
Susan Holiday and Gus Schumacher.
Well, there is our youngest potential singer.
Marv Tatum and his vest of many colors.
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