Welcome to our Washington Chorus Italy Tour 2000.

The official tour went from July 4 to July 16, but we extended for three more days to July 19. We sang four concerts, participated in a mass at the Cathedral at St. Marks, Venice and gave several little spot sings in various churches. This site will separate our separate locations. Please
email us with any comments, suggestions or corrections.

Our last picture at Dulles. That black case near Elaine's elbow contains the computer we lost at Heathrow. Oh Well!
Patiently waiting at Dulles for the time to head toward Milan.
Como, Italy. Actually, our hotel was in Cernobbia , a few miles north of Como, but right on Lake Como, adjacent to Switzerland.
The front of our hotel - the Regina Olga.
The hills above the back of our hotel.
Some very pretty brilliantly red flowers.
The next morning, we were driven to Como for our walking tour -- the chap with his hand up was our Italian guide speaking very good English.
The outside of the Cathedral, the prominent building in Como.
These interior pictures were taken with the Kodak, using a tripod to capture sharp time exposures.
The pipe organ we never heard. A gold panel in one of the enclaves.
This crucifix is famous for the black beard on the face of Jesus.See insert below.
The dome from the outside. A later picture from the lake shows this to be the prominent feature of Como.
This was described to us as a sundial.
This is the main square at the foot of Como.
A shop window filled with marzipan.
Como is an ancient Roman walled city, and this is a portion of the city wall. It dates back to the 1100's.
A market with yummy looking veggies.
The gates of Como.
Our trip back to Cernobbia was by boat, and this is the view back as the boat was leaving Como.
To the right was another village together with its reflection in the clear lake water.
Near our port looking back on Como. The prominent feature is the dome of the cathedral we toured.
Afterwards, a visit to the hotel pool.
And there is Clare, one of our guides, sunning herself.
We had dinner at a nice restaurant right across the street from our hotel. Right in the middle of dinner, someone on the street decided to water the plants in back of Elaine and me. He lost control of the hose and soaked Martha and Brian as well as my back.
Queen Kelly waving to us at breakfast from her balcony.

Next, you are all invited to view our tour and concert at Venice.