Tucson, Arizona;  March, 2005

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Welcome to the sunny desert southwest. The picture above was taken from the "A" mountain just west of the city.  To see a detailed annotated view of this panoramic view, click HERE. The flowers were beautiful, the weather hot, and the people fun.

Our Home for a Week

This lovely B & B was in the historic region of Tucson. To enter, we had to go around to the side to a well hidden wooden door

We entered our apartment way back between the large tree and the fountain. Patti, the owner, lived next door to us.

Another view of the breakfast window from our apartment door.
We had a large sitting room and a tidy bedroom. 
and with a key, enter this incredible interior garden. It's the El Presido Motel, Tuscon AZ. We highly recommend it. 
Look into the window to the right of the fountain. That is the  large breakfast table which seated eight guests very nicely.
We entered our apartment here.
We never managed to take a picture of our kitchenette which was too bad since it was so spacious.

Thursday, our first full day in Tucson

Resplendent color in their tourist area. 

This monument commemorates a deal that was struck between  the 101st. infantry and Mexico which owned this territory. A U.S. flag flew here briefly for the first time on Dec. 16, 1846.
We came to take pictures of blooming flowers -- I think it is a desert marigold blooming next to Elaine.
We weren't supposed to take pictures inside the museum, but I took this before the lady told me this. She actually heard my digital click and came running! The museum had many wonderful displays along with a very old piano. I played one chord and was promptly chastised. It was in tune. 
We then went to the University of Arizona. I visited the mathematics building, phoned an old friend who is now retired and arranged for having dinner that evening. The building above is the U. of  A. art museum -- very impressive.
Next, we had just enough time to drive up that mountain with the "A" displayed on it. To the right, you se a distorted view of the "A" which I photographed with my back to the view above. Later that week, we went back to the place we took that picture and retook it with my 8X telephoto. SURPRISE!
 We were told the freshman students paint it every year.
For our first full day, we decided to see the city, and the view to the left shows the original city, now with new and tall buildings. Our B & B is just left our of view in this telephoto.
This is the front of the opera house. Later, we'll show you these colorful displays lit up at night.

The "A" mountain -- from where our panoramic and distant photos were taken. Below we have some closer views of this.

Our first close up of a barrel cactus fruit cluster.
Interesting sculpture outside the art museum.

  The oldest pepper tree in Tucson!

The Center for Creative Photography had some wonderful Ansel Adams photographs, and its exterior had some very artsy furnishings, like the chair Elaine couldn't quite sit on because of the great heat of the metal chair.
The students painted it green, perhaps for St. Patrick's day, as the stretched version below shows.

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