Our first lodge and an afternoon game drive.

We have never introduced you to our first lodge.
This is the path to our room and we always had splendid company on our walks to our meals and our drives.
Mommy and baby
We almost wanted to bring him (her?) home with us.
Our path was lined with exotic plants - this is a Candelabra tree -- for obvious reasons. Much of the vegetation was not from Africa.

The lodge was certainly nice. The pool below was used by lots of people, but OAT did not recommend that we bring our swim suits since it would be winter here in Africa. Some winter!

Above is the splendid view from our lodge, and below is the plush grounds surrounding it.
There was a barbecue here one evening for extra money that nobody from our group attended.
But let's get back to game viewing. Our group is convening for an afternoon drive.
An interesting ostrich and zebra combination.
And here, Elaine got a combination of an ostrich and a dust devil way in the distance.
A Gray Crowned Crane with it's beautiful yellow plumage.
But, giraffes stole the show on this drive. This splendid creature was just dying to get on this web site. He also managed to get his little kid into the act.
And gosh, could they ever run!
Why did the giraffe cross the road?
To see the distant wildebeests slowly walking to their next migration,of course.
And our next migration will be to the Masai Villiage and school. You must see Susan and her wonderful art work. Visit the page when it is highlighted. Or go to the Table of Contents.

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