Our Second Day in Tarangire National Park

The next day, July 16, was spent entirely in Tarangire National Park. We had two very pleasant but bumpy game drives interspersed with tasty meals and relaxed conversations with our new friends. Actually, by this time they were beginning to seem like old friends.
Our first drive in the morning started out with an immediate sighting of a set of four giraffes. The two to the left stood parallel two each other for a very long time. But as the pictures show, birds were the immediate issue.
We stopped by a pretty river and saw dozens of these.
They are Red and Yellow Barbets and are hand size.
From the van, we could see a Saddle Billed Stork next to the river, who posed twice very nicely for my camcorder.
With the stork are two White Ibis and a Sacred Ibis
And up in a tree is a Tawny Eagle. Two, actually.
We saw so many of these, we asked what they were.
Katau said they were morning glories. It figures!
These little beasts are Rock Hyrax, a close relative of the massive elephant.
Mystery bird. Katau didn't see it, Elaine couldn't find it in her book, so we don't know what it is. Any ideas?
But Katau said these were Nubian Vultures.
That's a Silver-backed Jackal among the Guinea Hens.
That's a Mongoose crossing the road.
There were lots of these vultures drying their wings.
This is a Blacksmith Lapwing.
This is called a Secretarybird. It stomps on its kill looking like a secretary pecking on a typewriter.
This is a male ostrich looking very stately.
I couldn't resist posting this ostrich framed by two baobab trees.
We really took back roads on this drive. We even left the confines of the park for awhile and drove open fields.
These are two Hartebeests -- always part of a migration.
A male Grey Hornbill . . .
. . . and his female Grey Hornbill.
This is a Martial Eagle on a tree.
A Pale Chanting-Grosshawk sitting on a candelabra tree.
In the late setting sunlight, a beautiful baobab tree with an Augur Buzzard way on its tippy top!

This ends our stay in the Tarangire National Park. Tomorrow, we drive to Gibbs Farm.

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