The drive to Houston was very speedy. We arrived way too early to comfortably arrive at the DeOliveira's at noon. Fred probably had a Mother's Day's sermon to complete, and he promised us an excellent one. So, we stopped at a Wendy's and had a grilled chicken sandwich and a drink. Since we had received all the Christ Congregational Church service material on email the day before, we decided to finish the web page preparation that I had started at the pool in Austin, in the Wendy's in Houston. Lap Top computers are really great!
Fred and Donna live in a Patio House. We shopped for dinner, had a martini or two followed by dinner.
Afterwards, we all chatted away and soon felt too tired to continue talking -- especially Fred!
Next morning, we went to Fred's AELC Lutheran church and sat in on a Bible class in this room.
This is the sanctuary of the church. I think the congregation sang 80% of the non-sermon time. I've forgotten about that.
Don't know what Elaine and Fred are plotting, but it must be really important. Perhaps the route home.
This is the little table at which we had dinner on Sunday.
From the kitchen, they looked like a happy bunch!
All four of us -- picture taken by my Kodak self timer.
Elaine showing Fred the talking mother's day care she got from Texas.
And eventually, we all got too sleepy to stay up -- especially Fred after not quite finishing his glass of scotch.