Eastern European OSW Tour - Summer 1998
June 29 - July 13
Welcome to our OSW Tour Picture Page. We had a very successful tour which included four concerts in various Eastern European locations. Each of our concerts were dedicated to John Ross, Marv's fellow bass2 who passed away at home in the early days of the tour. John and Jan were both scheduled to come on the tour but were prevented from doing so because of John's illness.

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Marv and Elaine Wunderlich 

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Karlovy Vary 
Budapest I
Budapest II
(H1-01) Here is Wayne, the choir media expert, and others toasting our upcoming flight at Dulles International Airport. Little did we know that we were about to lose our baggage -- at least those of us coming through Heathrow in London.
Left (H1-03) I have no idea where this is, but it was our first bus stop between Prague and KARLOVY VARY. We were so sleepy!
Above: Kolonada digs just before our first full meal in the Czech Republic. 

Left (P1-05) Since our luggage was still in London, we all had an excuse NOT to dress for our first dinner in the hotel. Looks like many of us have livened up.

Left; (C1-04) Elaine managed to buy her first bottle of water.

Below, (C1-09) KARLOVY VARY is a spectacular town with gorgeous buildings clustered in deep valleys.

H1-06. A typical KARLOVY VARY row house
C1-08: Elaine and Evelyn having a spa drink.
Karl Marx (C1-16) looking down on Karlovy Vary (C1-10)
Above (P1-12) and left (H1-13) are the two beautiful views from Diana. We took the tram up but walked down on the beautiful wooded trail as seen below. (C1-14).
Below, we are at the Grand Hotel for our first rehearsal with the orchestra. Left (C1-23), Bob is getting one last rehearsal with the soloists. (C1-22). 
Left, (H1-20) Elaine's little Canon Elf just barely had enough flash for her to get this picture of the stage of the Grand Hotel from the balcony of the hall where we had our rehearsal. The picture was enhanced considerably with PhotoShop, so the original picture would be pretty dim.
We gathered at the stage risers for the rehearsal. (H1-24) 
The main spa building went right over the little river or creek that ran right in front of our hotel. Below is spa water shooting right up like a geyser. (1-25)
Right, (H1-26) I tried unsuccessfully to catch some of the spa water in my hat. The little spa jars we bought were also worthless here. I guess this water was not made to drink!
Above (H1-30) is our breakfast buffet
... and here (H1-28) we are having a very satisfying breakfast.
Above; (H1-27) Dinner on the street in K.V.

Right; (C1-31) The Kolonada Hotel

This is the little river flowing right in front of our hotel. Elaine is the women on the left. The poster girl on the right is advertising the international film festival which is about to start in KARLOVY VARY. (H1-33)
Breakfast at the Sirius Hotel (H1-36) above
Below, the Sirius Hotel (H1-34)
Left, the building which will house the upcoming international film festival.(H1-38)
Elaine and I went for a walk before leaving for our concert in Plzen. Above, we rediscovered this beautiful flowered date which we had seen 6 years ago.(H1-39) And since we told everyone to buy crystal in K.V., we simply had to buy some for ourselves. Come to dinner and we will show you our glasses.
Next stop: Plzen and our first concert
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