Our afternoon game drive started out "for the birds", so to speak. We will post all the bird pictures at the top so the ardent bird fans can tune out when the boring elephants, giraffes and and baboons show up.

We weren't out long before we were virtually swamped with a huge flock of Red-billed Queleas.
A Red-necked Spurfowl scampered in the grass.
And soon, we had to yield the road to a whole family of Red-necked Spurfowl.
And in the trees, we saw a Red-eyed Dove.
A Helmeted Guinea Fowl in the grass
A Von der Decken's Hornbill at the top of a tree. Walt suspects this might really be a Yellow-billed Hornbill. I think we need to go back to take a better picture.
Two tree-dependant animals -- The Giraffe eats them ----
and the Vervet Monkey lives in them.
A Kirk's Dik-Dik - a kind of miniature antelope..
Another Vervet scampers on the hot sand.
A typical Africa termite mound.
The fruit of the Sausage tree earned it's name.
Three stately Marabou Storks.
Late in the afternoon, we came on a large herd of elephants.
They flap their ears vigorously to keep cool.
This one was virtually destroying an entire bush.
As the sun waned, it was more difficult to spot the highly camouflaged game, but these zebra were out in the open.
This one wasn't in the open and we almost drove right by.
The male Impala is recognized by it's long horns. These are called 111 Impala because if it's backside markings. The middle "1" is it's tail.
Our last sighting was a large troop of olive baboons. The ones above were grooming each other, and a tree was literally loaded with them, including the cute baby.

We have a whole day of game driving coming up tomorrow. To see it, click Tarangire Day Two

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